Birth Story Medicine®

We are often told that birth is an empowering experience. Whose definition of empowerment around birth is significant. Sometimes an unexpected or unwished-for experience that happens during the birth of their child can leave parents or witnesses feeling powerless, confused, shamed, disappointed, humiliated, or regretful. They may believe that they have failed or have been failed in some way. These lingering feelings can cast a shadow over the entire birth, and over how we see ourselves even years after the birth has happened. Often parents or birth witnesses don’t feel like they can talk about their experience or feelings without being judged, or feel that there is something wrong with them.

If you have had a difficult birth or feel disappointed with your birth experience, you already know that it can be very challenging to process what you have experienced. You may have very strong emotions about the event, or perhaps struggle to have any feeling at all. You may find yourself saying, “If only I had done things differently,” or, “If only I had listened,” or, “But I did all of the things I was supposed to do… why did this happen to me?”

Birth Story Medicine works with you to heal a negative belief about yourself, feelings of being abandoned or betrayed, or shock or trauma around an unexpected moment of your labor. Non-judgemental listening and support helps you to see your birth in a new way, with new insight.

Birth Story Medicine is for mothers, partners, witnesses (nurses, midwives, doulas, etc), and family. Each of us has our own story that deserves to be deeply heard and understood, as the story is different for the same birth for different people since they have their own unique perspective.

“After just one session with her, I had major clarity over some things that happened during my labor. It was absolutely amazing to me how Cinda, so effortlessly, was able to guide me in digging deep inside myself for these answers and ideas; answers I had been searching for for years came out so easily with her guidance.”

Consider a Birth Story Medicine session if you:

  • Have lingering feelings of shame, blame, anger, or sadness when you think about your labor and/or birth.
  • Had a difficult labor. It may have been very fast or really long. Maybe the intensity of pain caught you off guard and was overwhelming. Perhaps an epidural or other pain coping methods did not work.
  • Had an induction.
  • Had a cesarean birth.
  • Had unwished-for or unexpected interventions.
  • Were separated from your baby after birth.
  • Had breastfeeding problems.
  • Transferred from a planned homebirth to the hospital.
  • Are pregnant again and are having trouble with feelings that are surfacing from your last birth.
  • Avoid talking about or avoid the topic of your birth in conversation.
  • Feel resentment when you hear about positive birth stories.
  • Feel like you should be able to move forward, but can’t.
  • Want to have a “do-over” birth to make up for last time.

“I felt like a weight had been lifted off my shoulders, and that my spirit had come to a lighter place. Cinda’s ability to help me process my experience has helped me to grow emotionally.”

One hour sessions are $75. I can also work on a sliding scale if needed. Please contact me for more information or to schedule a session.