Birthin’ Again Childbirth Classes

For parents who are preparing for birth again

What do you need to know to give birth again?
How are you preparing for your birth and postpartum period as you become parents again?

Discover your own answers to these questions about giving birth again in my Birthin’ Again class for San Diego families. Birthin’ Again classes are for experienced parents who have given birth before and are looking for a refresher of Birthing From Within. We will review pain coping practices taught in the regular Birthing From Within series as well as discover how to integrate your older siblings into the pregnancy, birth, and postpartum period. Time will also be devoted for looking into your experience with your previous birth(s), finding new meaning or working through feelings or moments that linger if needed. Perhaps you’ve found yourself busy in the midst of the demands of parenthood and have had little time to reconnect with your partner since your last birth. Take this opportunity to not only have a special time to connect with your partner, but also with your baby.

If you have had a previous birth that you would like to discuss, you may be interested in a Birth Story Medicine session, offered at a discount if taking my Birthin’ Again class.

2016 group class dates:


Birthin’ Again group class cost is $150 per couple. Private classes in your home are available for $200.

In Cinda’s Birthin’ Again classes you will:

  • Connect with your body, your baby, your partner, your children, and community
  • Discover what worked for your last birth. Reflect and learn from your previous birth(s)
  • Learn how to prepare older siblings for birth and postpartum
  • Review effective pain coping practices and comfort measures
  • Honor yourself as a re-emerging mother or father