Belly binding has been performed throughout many traditional cultures for hundreds of years to help support a mother in her postpartum recovery. The binding supports the return of the mother’s internal organs to their original, pre-pregnancy state. It also supports the womb in the involution process, reducing bleeding.

The Malaysian binding is typically a long 8-12 inch wide piece of fabric used to create a beautiful, flexible, and supportive bind that spans the length of the mother’s body from the pubic bone to the breastbone. Binding can help support the mother’s back, assist in improving breastfeeding posture, help close the diastasis abdominal muscles that separate during pregnancy, supports the tendons and ligaments that are still loose from the relaxin hormone, and also helps to return the belly to its pre-pregnancy state. Binding also helps with keeping the mother warm by retaining heat near her core while also helping her to feel supported and secure.

When I come to your home I will teach your partner or a support person how to complete the binding, if desired, so that they can continue to help you over the next several weeks. You can also choose to use a belly warming oil, hand made by me with special warming herbs infused over several weeks in an oil. This oil helps increase the heating and tightening effects of the bind.

Belly binding Bengkung unbleached muslin wrap: $50
Belly binding warming oil: $16
In home service that includes a Bengkung wrap, warming oil, and one in home binding: $150

Bandage binding is used in the first week following birth and is a much gentler way of binding a new mother. It is also ideal for binding a mother who has had a Cesarean birth. The bandages are supportive yet have stretch so they allow more flexibility in the early postpartum days. Typically it is recommended to use bandage binding for 1-2 weeks and then using a firmer bind with the Bengkung wrap. Each bandage will last a few uses. 4-5 bandages need to be purchased for this time.

Bandage binding wrap: $13.50
In home service with 4 bandage binding wraps, belly binding warming oil, and one in home binding: $115

Combined service with both bandage wraps and Bengkung binding: $225
•    One immediate binding visit with elastic bandage binding, within 3 days postpartum
•    3 additional elastic binding wraps for the first two weeks postpartum
•    One in home Bengkung binding visit around 2-3 weeks postpartum
•    Belly binding warming oil