Birthing From Within® Prenatal Classes

Holistic, Versatile, and In-Depth Prenatal Classes in San Diego

What is it that YOU need to know to give birth as a mother?
How are you preparing for your birth and postpartum period?
What will labor and birth be like from your perspective?

Discover your own unique answers to these questions in Birthing From Within prenatal classes for San Diego area families. We will go beyond what other childbirth classes offer and prepare you for how you will experience your labor. Whether you are planning a hospital or homebirth, having your first or subsequent child, are hoping for a natural labor or are still exploring your options, you will learn to stay present, mindful, and connected throughout labor.

2016 group class dates:


Prenatal class cost is $300 per couple. Private classes are available for $350 in your home.

Birthing From Within prenatal classes offer complete childbirth preparation, covering the material in more traditional classes and much more. Each class is individualized to the unique needs of the attending parents and takes place in a comfortable, nurturing environment.

In Cinda’s prenatal classes you will:

  • Connect with your body, your baby, your partner, and community
  • Understand the landscape of labor
  • Learn effective pain coping practices and comfort measures
  • Prepare to experience birth as a rite of passage, regardless of the events of your birth
  • Work with fear and learn how to meet the unknown or unexpected with confidence
  • Encounter preparation that is informative, transformative, and builds a foundation for birthing in awareness, regardless of outcome
  • Be mentored in your discovery process, as the essence of childbirth preparation is self-discovery
  • Foster active, creative self-expression
  • Learn how partners can prepare and offer support
  • Prepare for postpartum
  • Celebrate the journey to parenthood

san diego prenatal classes to help mom and partner feel prepared for birth