Vaginal steam baths are used in many different cultures to help with a variety of conditions related to female digestive and reproductive health. They are cleansing, toning, and nourishing for the cervix, uterus, and vaginal tissues and bring heat to the womb and pelvic floor. The moist heat used during the process helps to open the pores of the tissues so that the medicinal properties of the herbs can be more readily absorbed. These herbs also have anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties which can be useful in reducing overall body and vaginal swelling.

They can be helpful for:
•    Dark blood at the beginning or end of a menstrual cycle
•    Postpartum or post miscarriage
•    Bladder and yeast infections
•    Hemorrhoids
•    Infertility
•    Irregular and painful menstrual cycles
•    Endometriosis
•    Dysmenorrhea
•    Constipation
•    Fibroids
•    Perineal tears
•    Hysterectomies
•    Boosting circulation to the pelvis, increasing circulation, relaxing pelvic floor muscles that may cramp or spasm before or during menstruation

Vaginal steam baths are not to be used if you have an infection, while pregnant, or during menstruation. Postpartum mothers should wait until she has stopped bleeding and after any sutures are completely healed.

Ingredients: Mugwort, rosemary, calendula, lavender, rose petals, red raspberry leaf, lemon balm, yarrow, comfrey.

Relieves uterine cramping, antispasmodic, anti-inflammatory, analgesic.
Aids in digestion, soothing, and relaxing. Anti-bacterial.
Known for it’s soothing and healing properties, calendula is a popular addition to many skin care products. Calendula is anti-inflammatory, anti-fungal, and antiseptic, making it the herb of choice for treating a variety of skin conditions.
These lovely purple flowers have wonderful calming properties. Adding them to the bath helps reduce nervousness, excitability, and tension. Anti-bacterial.
Rose petals
Roses have a light scent that lessens anxiety and depression. They are also very soothing to skin.
Red raspberry leaf
Rich in vitamins and minerals and tones uterine muscles.
Lemon balm
Gentle nervine, reduces tension and aids in digestion.
Used to decrease menstrual bleeding, can help to relieve menstrual cramps and ease uterine tension. Aids in relieving pelvic congestion.
Astringent, anti-inflammatory, demulcent, vulnerary. Used as a healer of wounds, sores, ulcers, and broken bones

This herbal blend is compatible for lactating mothers.

Custom recipes can be custom made to include or exclude herbs.

Price: $14 for two cups of herbs (enough for two herbal steam baths)